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iPhone6s、iOS10.0.2です。 無料のlightbot:code hourをやってみて面白かったので購入しました。 こちらも面白いのですが、、アプリが落ちます。 改善を期待します。


Wow! Totally get this, puzzles are tricky and its so addicting.

Not recommended

Solved the puzzles, but I dont think they are good in teaching you anything.


Gameplay is entertaining and thought provoking. As a software engineer is has been quite enjoyable to share with my kids, who love solving the puzzles too. A great app, and I hope more levels are being developed. This game could benefit from a puzzle editor and a community to share puzzles.

No longer working on iPad mini

After upgrade it simply cant be opened by my 1st gen iPad mini at all even after upgrade to iOS 9.1 and reinstall several times.

2nd & 3rd graders love this!

In the library media center all students and second and third grade were exposed to this coding app. Its so engaging and they loved it

Great Puzzles

I suppose one could learn some basic programming concepts from Lightbot: sequential execution of instructions, conditional branching, procedure calls. But you won’t learn anything about the larger programming concepts of objects or inheritance. Nevertheless I give it 5 stars because they’re simply great puzzles. It took me a couple weeks to work through all the challenge levels, and it was a lot of fun for $5. More like this, LightBot!


Truly inspired game, beautifully elegant introduction to some programming concepts, seriously addictive tune!


Great product. I love it and my 7and 9 year old kids love it too!!

Love this

My 5 year old loves this app.

I’ll add to the praise

Simple to use with age-appropriate challenges, this puzzle game teaches basic programming concepts. It’s like Apple’s old Logo refreshed for the iPhone and the iPad. My twins love it, and my daughter loves that there’s a “girl” robot. Well done, LightBot!

Beautiful, Fun, & Educational

First off, I dont understand why this game was designed for ages "9-11." Im 25 years old, with an IQ 42 points above average, and this game has definitely been very challenging for me! This is a beautifully designed and challenging app. After I played the demo, I made this app the first app purchase Ive made in a year or so, it was well worth it. A brief summary of what you can expect: Your role in the game is that of a programmer, programming the robots actions in each puzzle. You tell him/her to go forward, turn, jump, light up the square he/she is standing on, etc. The goal of each level is to light up all of the blue squares with the shortest list of commands possible (shortest amount of code). In the process, youll learn some pretty advanced concepts, such as creating a loop, creating conditions (do this if this), and stopping a loop with conditions. To the creators: With all the praise I have for the game, and my encouragement for anyone and everyone interested in coding, let alone puzzles to purchase Lightbot, I dont think my review could be complete without giving honest and constructive feedback on ways the app could be improved. So with that said, the following feedback is for the developer. By far the primary way Id love to see the app grow, is in level creation. Some of the new features of the game were jumped in to quickly, because of the shortness in amount of levels. I felt while playing as if 1 tutorial level was given to each new concept, and then the difficulty skyrocketed in comparison on the second level in. Id like to see 2 or 3 levels progressing in difficulty to the harder challenges, so as to lower the difficulty level between levels and make them more like gradual inclines rather than sharp mountain faces. Other than that, more levels in general is always a welcome thought, not just more easy levels, but more difficult levels as well; difficult ones coupled with new concepts and ideas. More levels, and a longer more epic game! -please Additional levels would be by far the biggest improvement to the game in my opinion, but additional reward for winning challenges would also be nice. It was great challenging the player to get through a lesson in 12 moves or so less. The presence of challenge stars made me realize in some levels that my commands werent perfect, which is good and challenging. I wish there had been more reward for winning challenges than just filling out an empty gold star. Perhaps if you complete all of the challenges you unlock a third robot? Or something similar? Unlocking additional content and being able to customize the robot would be my last and final bit of input. I think it would be cool to be able to unlock things or change the robot in some way. Thanks for making this app!

Excellent Logic Puzzle Game

This game has a bunch of fun programming logic puzzles. It starts out easy then the later gets pretty challenging. Id definitely recommend it if you enjoy or want to get into coding.


My daughters both love to mess around with Lightbot! Their school uses it to introduce computer coding concepts to kindergarteners and first graders each week and all the kids seem to enjoy it.

5 year old loves this game

I loved how engaging this is for children. It would excite me to see when he would get frustrated and then continue and continue to try and how happy he was when he got the robot to work. Very easy for children to understand. He passed all levels in a matter of a few days. Id rather him be on this app than any other app. I hope for more levels in the near future.

Cute, well-executed puzzle game to teach logical thinking

This nice-looking, smoothly executed puzzle game gives a fun introduction to thinking like a programmer. Programming concepts introduced include conditionals, loops, interrupt commands, and others. My only disappointments are that there is no hint system for the three or four trickiest levels and that the game is relatively short, at 20 levels total. (But if the worst you can say about a game is "I wanted more!" thats not too bad!)


Great time killer along with helping introduce to young kids about programming!

Excellent game

Excellent game very enjoyable. Gets hard and at times seems impossible. I would recommend this game.

Great game

This game is honestly awesome. Its a very cool idea and I suggest it to everyone.

Awesome game! But one issue-

Devs: please fix location on Main box in Conditionals level! The play button covers the code and deletes commands when you press it! Review: A Must Buy!!! Super cute and certainly not easy. Challenging for me and I am mid thirties! Its extremely addictive. Not just for kids, will definitely get your brain working again for us oldies! It makes you think, and it is a fantastic logic puzzle in each new level. One if most engrossing games Ive played. Im so happy I took the chance and downloaded this one! Its a great surprise!

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