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iPhone6s、iOS10.0.2です。 無料のlightbot:code hourをやってみて面白かったので購入しました。 こちらも面白いのですが、、アプリが落ちます。 改善を期待します。

Best puzzle game ever

It would benefit for more levels

Top App - coding know-how with fun

Great app!!! Nice animated! Best of all Robo Programming Apps I found in the AppStore!!! Really.


Truly inspired game, beautifully elegant introduction to some programming concepts, seriously addictive tune!

Love it!

Awesome game! Great gameplay and very cute graphics :)

Great Game

This is an awesome game! Great for anyone looking for good logic puzzles or learning how to program!

Great Game

This game is tiight! Good way to spend time on the train. Brb gonna show my GF how to program.

Fantastic app for beginner programmers of all ages.

Im a technology mentor for a Canadian school board. Ive been using this app with students from grade 1 to 12 and its fantastic. Through play it introduces the concepts of subroutines, loops, if statements and focuses students on solving complex problems in an entertaining way. Cant wait for more levels!

Very entertaining logic game

I have a lot of fun with this logic game. I reccommend it to everyone!

Great game

This game is honestly awesome. Its a very cool idea and I suggest it to everyone.

Excellent Logic Puzzle Game

This game has a bunch of fun programming logic puzzles. It starts out easy then the later gets pretty challenging. Id definitely recommend it if you enjoy or want to get into coding.

Beautiful, Fun, & Educational

First off, I dont understand why this game was designed for ages "9-11." Im 25 years old, with an IQ 42 points above average, and this game has definitely been very challenging for me! This is a beautifully designed and challenging app. After I played the demo, I made this app the first app purchase Ive made in a year or so, it was well worth it. A brief summary of what you can expect: Your role in the game is that of a programmer, programming the robots actions in each puzzle. You tell him/her to go forward, turn, jump, light up the square he/she is standing on, etc. The goal of each level is to light up all of the blue squares with the shortest list of commands possible (shortest amount of code). In the process, youll learn some pretty advanced concepts, such as creating a loop, creating conditions (do this if this), and stopping a loop with conditions. To the creators: With all the praise I have for the game, and my encouragement for anyone and everyone interested in coding, let alone puzzles to purchase Lightbot, I dont think my review could be complete without giving honest and constructive feedback on ways the app could be improved. So with that said, the following feedback is for the developer. By far the primary way Id love to see the app grow, is in level creation. Some of the new features of the game were jumped in to quickly, because of the shortness in amount of levels. I felt while playing as if 1 tutorial level was given to each new concept, and then the difficulty skyrocketed in comparison on the second level in. Id like to see 2 or 3 levels progressing in difficulty to the harder challenges, so as to lower the difficulty level between levels and make them more like gradual inclines rather than sharp mountain faces. Other than that, more levels in general is always a welcome thought, not just more easy levels, but more difficult levels as well; difficult ones coupled with new concepts and ideas. More levels, and a longer more epic game! -please Additional levels would be by far the biggest improvement to the game in my opinion, but additional reward for winning challenges would also be nice. It was great challenging the player to get through a lesson in 12 moves or so less. The presence of challenge stars made me realize in some levels that my commands werent perfect, which is good and challenging. I wish there had been more reward for winning challenges than just filling out an empty gold star. Perhaps if you complete all of the challenges you unlock a third robot? Or something similar? Unlocking additional content and being able to customize the robot would be my last and final bit of input. I think it would be cool to be able to unlock things or change the robot in some way. Thanks for making this app!

No longer working on iPad mini

After upgrade it simply cant be opened by my 1st gen iPad mini at all even after upgrade to iOS 9.1 and reinstall several times.

Great but ends with crash

After the last Challenge Level application always ends with crash :(

Crash report

Crashed after complete all levels

Fun, but challenging

Very fun to walk through. I just learned some prog lang during eng school(c,matlab,vhdl) and wanted to practice progr logic. Light-bot is fun to use and at the last stage- very challenging! Needs a walk through somewhere to help but I guess that wouldnt teach anything... Only real complaint is once I beat the last few stages left whats left to do thats as fun as before?!? (I dont want it to end!)

Light Bot

When I do a level, I am always going back to the home screen.

Inventive take on programming constructs

As a professional programmer, I thought the way they handled programming was inventive and appropriate for the app. Its been fun coaching my children. I hope more levels come, or even better, a way to make our own levels!

Good Game

This is a great game, but it keeps on crashing the game when I try to do a level. Please make an update where it doesnt crash on 4th Generation IPod touches!! Thank You!

Needs update

I played this at school and loved it but on my iPod 4gen it keeps crashing please fix I dont to have wasted my money thank you

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